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Zebuline: Long Live Friendship!
Zebuline: Long Live Friendship!
Zebuline: Long Live Friendship!
Zebuline: Long Live Friendship!

Zebuline: Long Live Friendship!

Original title : Zébuline - Vive l'amitié !
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Nancy Guilbert
Illustrator/Photographer : Armelle Modéré
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 40
200 x 260 mm
15.00 €

Content : Zebuline lives with Marcus, her adoptive father, in a hanging house. Long live friendship tells various situations the girl faces in her daily life:
- "The mister all alone" deals with the fact of going towards the other, after Zebuline crossed a homeless person;
- “Pussi” speaks of the loss of an object; it also focuses on adoption and friendship;
- "The bad mood" when waking up after a nightmare. This story focuses on sadness, on unconditional love and on the fear of abandonment.
- “The tree of friends” in which Zebuline search for her origins.

4 short stories focusing on the emotions, to try for children to better understand them.

Since 2011, Nancy Guilbert has published around sixty books with different publishers. She regularly organizes writing workshops with children in schools, bookstores and media libraries. With Des Ronds dans l’O, she published Such a High Wall (Incorruptibles Award), The Blue Female Bear and the “Lili Pirouli” series.

Born in 1971, Armelle Modéré lives near Dijon. She wanted to be a pediatrician, she became a book illustrator for toddlers. She works with many publishers including L’Ecole des Loisirs, Belin, Sarbacane, Mango jeunesse, Albin Michel jeunesse, L’Atelier du Poisson Soluble, Milan, Steinkis, etc. With Des Ronds dans l’O, she illustrates the “Lili Pirouli” series (5 albums with Nancy Guilbert) as well as the album Jules B., story of a righteous person that she writes and draws.

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