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The Little Beige Cardigan
The Little Beige Cardigan
The Little Beige Cardigan
The Little Beige Cardigan

The Little Beige Cardigan

Original title : Le petit gilet beige
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Ingrid Chabbert
Illustrator/Photographer : Marie Lafrance
Age : 6+
Category : Picture Books 6+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 24
200 x 260 mm
13.50 €

Content : A little girl desperately waits for her daddy every Saturday, but he never comes. One day, out of rage, she throws away the little beige cardigan he gave her.

A book about divorce and the importance of stepfamily. Facing an absent dad, the little girl will find a father figure in this step-dad she did not know at the beginning, but who appears to become “a real father”.

Ingrid Chabbert did not make high Literary studies. In fact she did not even go to college. What she loves since she was young is simply writing and telling stories. Since 2010, she has finally started as a children’s book author! With Des Ronds dans l’O she signed among other books: The memory of birds, The weaver of clouds, Kadogo, Mum’s Book, ...

Freelance illustrator born in Quebec, Marie Lafrance lives in Montreal. After studying graphic design, she branches off to illustration after a long stay in the United States. She works for magazines, designers, advertising and publishers. Her illustrations have earned her nominations at the Governor General's Award, and some of her works have been published in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2004.

Rights sold: Swedish.

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