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The Blue Female Bear
The Blue Female Bear
The Blue Female Bear
The Blue Female Bear

The Blue Female Bear

Original title : L'ourse bleue
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Nancy Guilbert
Illustrator/Photographer : Emmanuelle Halgand
Age : 6+
Category : Picture Books 6+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 34
220 x 290 mm
16.00 €

Content : Fascinated by the midnight blue color of its skin, the men of the village chase the blue female bear that remains hidden in the forest. But one day, hearing the cries of a baby, the blue bear comes out at the risk of being killed. After this courageous gesture and despite their mutual fears, the men and the bear manage to live together.
A message of peace and tolerance.

This book has received no less than 4 awards in France, and has been selected for 5 other awards, including the Incorruptibles Award 2019-2020, 2nd grade category.

Since 2011, Nancy Guilbert has published around sixty books with different publishers. She regularly organizes writing workshops with children in schools, bookstores and media libraries. With Des Ronds dans l’O, she published Such a High Wall (Incorruptibles Award) and the “Lili Pirouli” series.

Emmanuelle Halgand was born in 1977. She lives and works in Normandy. She is currently working on several books as well as on a doctorate in mediation of the children’s picture books by the image. In 2017, she is the one who made the poster for the Montreuil book fair.

English text available.

Rights sold: Chinese.

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